Over de online training Social Hygiene English Course + (SVH) Exam & Diploma: Social Responsibility is a very important diploma to have in the catering industry. Any organization or company that serves or sells alcohol are required by The Licensing and Catering Act to meet the Social Responsibility requirements. As an experienced host or hostess you might be in charge of closing the business after a hard days work, for that reason it is very important to be knowledgeable of how to deal with bothersome guests and what the laws on alcohol and drugs are, to make sure that when a difficult situation arises you can act accordingly. The course will touch on subjects such as Business Policy and rules, Gambling and Establishment Layouts & services.

Social Responsibility course + (SVH) Exam & Diploma

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Social Hygiene online course and exam

When you want to start your own catering establishment or when you are a host/hostess who is in charge of closing after business hours you are required to be in possession of the certified diploma for SVH. HorecaHero provides an online course with SVH exam right away for the low price of €279!

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About the Social Responsibility course:

  • Duration: 6 / 8 hours

The online Social Responsibility course is comprised of the following chapters:

  1. General information
  2. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  3. Company policy and rules
  4. Risk behaviour and discussion models
  5. Gambling and the law
  6. Establishment Layout Requirements and services

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Sociale hygiëne Engels

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Sociale Hygiëne Engels + SVH Examen